Should Australia Have Stricter Gun Laws

gun lawsThe Australian government is pushing for harsher gun laws to lock up convicted gun traffickers with a mandatory five year jail terms will be rushed into the Senate for the third time.

The Coalition plans to re-establish laws that were rejected twice in the past by parliament, after accusing Labour Leader Bill Shorten of taking a soft approach on gun crime.

Labor is opposed to the mandatory jail terms, saying it is against their principles.

 If the laws were resurrected, the maximum penalties would be doubled to 20 years in jail.

The gun debate has been reignited now as we approach the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur Massacre.


Legal Battle Ahead for New Senate Voting Laws

sen Bob DaySenator Bob Day is expected to lodge a legal challenge against the Federal Government’s new Senate voting laws in the High Court soon.

The Family First Senator will appeal against the Coalition sponsored bill which makes it harder for minor parties to get elected. The bill passed both houses last week after marathon-long sittings.

With the passing of the new legislation, voters who give a limited number of preferences will have their ballot discarded if their chosen candidates are excluded from the race.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believed the legislation “good for democracy”. Read more here.