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Motivating and Managing a Successful Team


Whether you look at motivating a team as an art or a science, you can agree that building, managing and motivating a great team are vital to the success of your business. A post on Entrepreneur.com claims its a bit of both.

As the writer points out all the hard work you put in is worth virtually nothing if you don’t have a quality team behind it, enforcing your plans, bringing your vision to fruition.

The article draws on research from numerous studies and provides 10 insights that you may find useful,

  1. Team building exercises can be successful.
  2. Some team building activities are better than others. The best ones make employees feel valued. Volunteering, physical activities, shared meals, field trips and professional development activities are best.
  3. To build great teams, you need non-work communication at times.
  4. Even star performers are often dependent on their team
  5. Remote teams can outperform local teams.

Find out more at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234475